Optimized Sucker Rod Inventory Management

Rod Lift Consulting (RLC) offers Optimized Rod Management Services across North America.  Utilizing our day to day knowledge and our comprehensive expertise of sucker rods RLC will optimize your resources & reduce your total cost. 

RLC is uniquely positioned to manage the entire life-cycle of the sucker rod.  From install & inspection; to storage, re-deployment, and disposal. RLC provides a single point of service.  Optimized Rod Management Services allow Operators to save time, money, and labor.

  • Single point of service for total life-cycle of sucker rod inventory
  • RLC quality control processes ensure accurate independent inspection 
  • Maximizes acceptable (good) rod inventory 
  • Sorting, storage, and protection of used sucker rod inventories 
  • Fit for purpose used rod inventory maintains proper amount of, sizes, grades, and guided rods 
  • Increased inventory awareness allows for efficient on-demand re-deployment