RLC provides on-site training to help optimize your rod-pumped artificial lift system and lower your operating expense.  Providing training on overall beam-lift systems as well as operational and hands-on training is part of the valued-added services that is fundamental to RLC.


RLC will provide individualized training to meet our customers needs as well as the catalog of topics listed below

  • Fundamental & Advanced Rod Lift Workshop
    • We will provide experts in three fields to come to your offices to train your personnel on the following subject matters while also providing lunch:
      • Pumping unit identification, sizing and preventive maintenance
      • Sucker rod grade selection, Care & Handling and Design training


  • Sucker Rod Care & Handling
    • Covers handling, storage, transporting, connection preparation
    • Coupling differences, installing rods, proper sucker rod make-up using displacement cards
    • Polished rod make-up, well service tools inspection, rig alignment and pumping unit alignment


  • Rod-pump Design & Optimization
    • Downhole pump types, selection and application


  • Failure Analysis (Sucker Rod & PCP Rod)
    • Covers the two types of failure modes, identifying fatigue failure causes, identifying the different types of corrosion failures, identifying mechanical failures from severe operating conditions or mishandling, utilizing predictive software designs to reduce operation failures, corrective action once failure has been identified and proper rod grade selection for specific applications